Employment law in California is an especially complicated area and one full of potential hazards. Having someone in your corner who understands the intricacies of the state and federal laws and one who can provide the proper advice and guidance for the best possible outcome is critically important. Elkins Employment Law is that resource.

Our approach to working with clients is to develop a collaborative approach to address an employment issue before it becomes a problem.  This is accomplished through careful analysis of the situation, thorough research of the issues, and formulation of a proposed solution that meets the client’s needs.

The Firm guides and educates employers, their management and human resource staff to better understand personnel management and employment law matters. The Firm undertakes an aggressive defense of all litigation matters while taking into consideration the impact of litigation on the workplace and the financial impact upon the business. The overall philosophy of the Firm is to provide high quality, cost effective legal representation while meeting the needs of employers.


Services Provided

Litigation Defense

Claims asserting Wrongful Termination, Harassment, including sexual harassment, Discrimination, including Disability Discrimination, Retaliation & Whistleblower claims, Breach of Contract; Wage and Hour Litigation including employee mis-classification, meal and rest break violations, and administrative claims pending before the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement or U.S. Department of Labor. Dispute resolution in both pre litigation and pending litigation by mediation and arbitrations.

Management Training & Education

Training for compliance with California’s on Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation issues. Compliance training is also provided regarding Wage and Hour laws, Interviewing and Hiring, Documentation, Discipline, and Termination matters.


Elkins Employment Law provides in-house training to the executive team, supervisory and management level staff on the following topic areas:

Workplace Investigations Of Misconduct

California regulations require employers take reasonable steps to prevent and correct wrongful (harassing, discriminatory, retaliatory) behavior in the workplace. One aspect of compliance is conducting timely, unbiased investigations into workplace misconduct. Elkins Employment Law conducts such investigations regarding claims of harassment, discrimination, bullying and retaliation

Counseling and Audit Services

Advice on interviewing and hiring, how to engage in proper discipline and termination procedures, lay-off analysis, preparation of employment and severance agreement, non disclosure and confidentiality agreements, independent contractor analysis and agreements and development of Employee Handbooks, forms, policies, practices and procedures for the “best practices”. In addition, audits for compliance with the state and federal requirements on wage and hour practices.