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Top HR Issues to Address in 2011

Update the Handbook:. Time flies so has it been a few years since you last reviewed and updated your employee handbook? 2011 might the year to add or revise policies relating to: cell phone use at work and on the road; use of social networking media at work; the recent revisions to the FMLA and… Continue Reading


Wage and Hour Division Creates Attorney Referral System

In a move that has employers concerned about increased wage and hour litigation, the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of the U.S. Department of Labor, in conjunction with the American Bar Association (ABA), has created an Attorney Referral System which will provide referrals to local “attorney referral programs” so that employees who wish to pursue… Continue Reading


Automatic Deductions for Meal Periods Are Not Permitted

An increasing number of wage and hour lawsuits and administrative wage claims before the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement include claims based upon the automatic deduction of meal periods. In many instances, employees do not actually clock out and in for lunch. As a result, the time records do not properly and accurately reflect a… Continue Reading